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        (800) 550-3209 [email protected]

        Big Block Realty Careers | 100% Commission and Much More!

        Joining forces with Big Block Realty has its benefits. There’s no extra charges or hidden fees, just really good help and the best commission splits possible. When you make the move, here are just a few of the perks you get…

        100% Commission

        ?Our Win-Win commission structure pays all our Realtors 100% commission.

        First-Class Broker Support

        Our Broker team is always there to help when you need. Simply call, email or stop by!

        Agent Concierge

        Supporting Realtors is our top priority. Our Agent Concierge team can help with almost anything!

        World Class Training

        With training classes almost everyday of the week, we cover social media to contracts!

        In House Attorney

        Our Broker is also a Real Estate Attorney, so you know you have that extra insight.

        Office Access

        With multiple locations our agents get free access to conference rooms, works stations and more!


        Click here for the tour!

        Big Block Realty Inc 500 100 Commission Real Estate

        #1 Fastest Growing Brokerage in America!

        Big Block Realty 100 Commission Real Estate
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